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Outdoor Yoga Classes


Want to join one of my outdoor group classes? The outdoor yoga classes are open to everyone, whether you live in Maspalomas permanently or if you’re here on vacation. Doing yoga outdoors surrounded by nature can really enhance your practice in an entirely different way. 


Revitalizing your lungs. When you practice yoga outdoors, you inhale cleaner, higher-quality air. In turn, the oxygen breaks down pollutants and toxins that may have been accumulated in your alveoli. Furthermore, fresh air leads to fuller, deeper breaths. As such, it improves lung function and the performance of your cardiovascular system.

Daily Vitamin D! As we all know, exposure to sunlight can be a natural source of Vitamin D. In Maspalomas, it tends to be sunny and warm for the better part of the year. Doing yoga outside is a great opportunity to soak up that sunshine. Don’t forget your sunscreen!🌻

Connection and grounding. Nature connects us to our roots, and grounding yourself is essential before you can rise up. Outdoor yoga is a wonderful way to re-focus and re-root, and to deepen your yoga experience. Having barefoot contact with the earth helps to reduce body pain, release stress, and improve your sleep. With your feet on the ground, your root chakra will match the frequency of your surroundings, making your mind more receptive and syncing with your heartbeat.

Being present. When you practice yoga connected to Mother Nature, you become more aware of your surroundings and present in the moment. Being away from city noises creates space for listening to yourself. Without any distractions, you can establish a deeper connection with your inner self.

Connecting with your surroundings. With awareness comes connection. Outdoor yoga classes are a gateway to notice and understand your surroundings. In fact, there are many yogic teachings that encourage us to connect with our environment and treat it with due respect. Furthermore, you get to embrace the natural elements and systematically establish a relationship with them.

Greater focus. When we practice outdoors, it’s very different from a studio class. Due to uneven terrain, we must practice caution and a higher level of concentration. This helps your body synchronize with the environment around you and improve spatial awareness.

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