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Private Yoga Lessons


Private lessons provide an opportunity to spend one-to-one time with your yoga teacher, which can help you reach your yoga goals quicker and more efficiently than you would in a group setting. 


Setting down the foundation. Private lessons are ideal for new yogis because they allow beginners to understand and master postures at their own pace. Having the undivided attention of the yoga teacher also means you can practice safely, knowing that the teacher will help you find the right alignment or modify practice where necessary.

Personalized guidance. Private classes also offer students the ability to focus on personal goals – whether they want to work on their flexibility, strength, or meditative practice. In a private lesson, the sequence is not only based on your goals but also on your previous experience and fitness level. Personal lessons can also accommodate disabilities, injuries, or chronic conditions that would prevent a student from attending a group class.

Make your own schedule. Although the experience itself and goal planning are important, making the time to practice is a vital element of yoga. If it’s not possible to get to a class,  a private lesson can accommodate even the most hectic of schedules.

Focus on yourself. Not everyone feels comfortable practicing in a group setting. They might feel insecure about their appearance or strength. They might experience social anxiety. Their senses might get overwhelmed. In a private yoga lesson, you can choose the setting that works for you. Furthermore, you won’t get distracted by anyone else’s practice.

Take your practice to the next level. Although beginners can benefit from private lessons to gain confidence and learn safe practices, private lessons are also beneficial for advanced practitioners. Private instruction can help you work on more advanced asanas, discover new sequences and transitions, as well as improve your meditation practice.


1 to 1: 60 euros

2 people: 80 euros

3 people: 90 euros

4 people: 100 euros

For corporate rates, group bookings and further information please contact me.

Private sessions are held outdoors (park or beach) or at the client’s home.
An additional charge for travel costs will be added for sessions to take place outside of Maspalomas.

Classes can be scheduled to be flexible and to fit in with your timetable

No charge if a minimum of 24 hours notice is given.
Failure to provide less than 24 hours notice will be subject to a full charge.

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