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Yoga Gisela Sunflower

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Hi, I am Gisela

I grew up in Buenos Aires, Argentina. It’s a very beautiful country with rich cultural background. Here, I developed my passion for music and dance, inspired by the Latino culture.

In my early 20s, I moved to England, where I trained as a Zumba instructor and spent six years teaching several sessions a week on a regular basis. I connected with a fabulous group of clients, including men and women, with the numbers expanding rapidly. From a few hundred people in the first year, the numbers rose to almost a thousand people over the next five years.

We had great fun moving to music and learning new routines to work out the cardiovascular system. It was a happy time, but something inside me was drawn to yoga. That’s when I started to learn more about the practice. Combining my love for physical and spiritual wellbeing, yoga has been a compelling journey for me and one I really want to share with others.

After developing my personal practice, I enrolled in a 500-hour YMCA yoga teacher training course and immersed myself in studying. The training allowed me to learn the things required to facilitate and inspire others, as well as to enhance my own yoga experiences. I have come to the realization that yoga is a life-long journey and one I am happy to embrace.

I was able to share this passion with many of my friends and clients in the UK who joined in the large number of yoga classes I held there. Today I am happy to be living in Gran Canaria and to share my yoga knowledge and experience with new friends and students. I offer a variety of yoga classes that support wellness and movement, including group classes outdoors, one-to-one lessons, and specialized sessions for athletes. I also collaborate with businesses to improve their employees’ well-being through yoga. I look forward to practicing yoga with you.

Light to all 🧘🏻‍♀

Yoga Gisela Sunflower
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