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Yoga For Business


Could your company benefit from yoga for business? Most people know yoga as an exercise for the body, but it also serves as an exercise for the mind and spirit. As companies began to recognize the importance of the mental and physical well-being of their employees, many workplaces now provide yoga lessons to support their staff. 


Stress relief. Work-related stress is harmful to our health. In fact, it is one of the greatest causes of absence from the workplace, which also negatively impacts the company’s productivity. As such, it is in the employer’s best interest to introduce yoga lessons in their workplace to help alleviate stress and restore the energy it drains from workers. Additionally, yoga has a great potential to create resilience to future stress factors and develop strength of mind and body.

Energy and physical fitness. Regardless of the nature of your work, it requires physical and mental energy. Spending hours at a desk can be just as taxing as manual labor, performance work, or customer service. Unfortunately, repetitive movement and physical exhaustion can easily lead to a workplace injury. Similarly, more sedentary work in an office may result in back and neck pain, among other health problems. Incorporating inclusive yoga lessons in the workplace is a great way to avoid fatigue and revitalize the body. Furthermore, certain poses and movements can also help alleviate symptoms of regular headaches, carpal tunnel, neck strain, shoulder stiffness, back pain, and arthritis, to name a few.

Improved concentration and focus. Stressful deadlines, endless meetings, and background noise can all act as an obstacle to productivity. They create a mental clutter that prevents you from focusing on work tasks and making good decisions. As a significant part of the yoga practice, meditation and breathwork can help to silence the noise, leading the staff to be more mindful, alert, and focused.

Innovative thinking. As a society, we need innovative thinking to be able to solve the world’s problems. It’s clear that our brains aren´t always capable of exploring their full potential and delivering everything we need to thrive. And so, the antiquated problem-solving methods cannot tackle the problems we face today. Yoga and meditation can help practitioners develop mental clarity and make space for sharp, imaginative, innovative thinking. If our leaders took time and space to listen to habitual thought patterns, they can be acknowledged as such and improved upon.

Developing good values. Empathy, kindness, patience, honesty, respect, co-operation, integrity, acceptance… These values can be re-established in the corporate world to provide an essential framework for a healthy working environment. The core intention of yoga and meditation practices is to lead a more enlightened life. Therefore, incorporating yoga in your workplace can help you create a more enlightened business and improve communication.

Why not invest in the long-term health of your employees to ensure a solid future for your

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